When you log in to the app, you’ll be taken to the horse page. Here you can see your horse live from the box, get statistics SEKyour horse and collect your horse’s data in the health profile. If you have several horses, you can easily navigate between them by swiping to the side. 

If you have more horses than cameras, the horses without cameras will also appear on this page. Horses without camera shows health profile and events from the calendar, but no statistics or camera view. 

During the live video, you can watch the “Replay of the day” and the video clips created during the day. Videquus automatically creates video clips if the horse lies down.

Under “Change details” you can change your horse’s details. You can fill inSEK, registration number, weight of the horse, etc. Everything that can be useful to have at hand in case of e.g. veterinary visit! Here you can also manage alarms (only for those horses with a camera connected to the profile). You can easily choose which alarms you want to activate and which number the alarm should go to if something happens.


In the new app, you can use the BETA version of Videquu’s “Colic Alarm”. It is one of the world’s first colic alarms based on AI technology. The Videquus colic alarm alerts the user if colic symptoms are exhibited between 22:00 and 05:00. The alarm is not yet comprehensive and we can by no means guarantee that it will detect all types of colic symptoms. However, if your horse rolls or lies down repeatedly over a short period of time, the app will alert you immediately.


If your horse is lying down for more than 60 minutes, our “Fast Rolling App” will sound an alarm. Young horses often lie down longer than adult horses, so if you have a young horse or know that your horse lies down longer than average, you may need to deactivate this alarm.



In the calendar view you can see all the planned activities for your horses. You can easily filter what kind of activities for which horses you want to view.

The horses are automatically added after you save them in the app. The pre-set activities available are farrier, vaccination, faecal testing, deworming and “other”. For some of the activities, you can choose intervals until the next one and receive reminders. The calendar is smart and updated against the rules of the Equestrian Federation so you choose e.g. “B-vaccination”, it will know the interval for the next shot.

Of course, you can also use the calendar as a training diary for planning or commenting on SEKday’s sessions.


Under “My Profile” you can manage all your Videquus usage! You can view and edit your own data, add or remove horses and connect camera and horse.


You can add as many horses as you want, no matter how many cameras you have. In the overview you can see which horses are connected to a camera (and can be switched if you want to use the camera for a new horse).


Here you can see how many cameras you have in your subscription and which horse they are connected to. Only when you have placed your order via the website can you select “add camera”. You will then get the scan mode on your phone and can scan the camera’s QR code (which you can find on the camera itself).


Here you can invite guests to your horses. You can invite several guests and decide which horses each guest will have access to. Please note that you must order guest accounts here before the “invite guest” button lights up.

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