Terms and Conditions

Customer commitment:

The undersigned, ie the Customer, has read and agrees to “Videquus’ General Terms and Conditions” which are attached below.

Videquus System includes the services and products that appear on Videquus’ website as well as customer support by phone, chat and email during office hours and service / maintenance of products if necessary.

If the Customer intends to use the Videquus System in a place where the public has access, for example at a riding school or similar, special rules apply for camera surveillance. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that there is no obstacle to setting up the camera surveillance. The customer is aware that, if the public is considered to have access to the facility/stable, the camera surveillance is subject to a permit requirement in accordance with the Law and requires a permit from the county administrative board. Such permission is applied for by the Customer.

Camera surveillance is not subject to a permit requirement for private legal entities, but the legal person responsible for the surveillance (the person responsible for personal data within the meaning of the law) is referred to his or her own assessment of whether there is a legal basis for the surveillance.

Videquus General Terms and Conditions


These general terms and conditions apply when the Customer signs an agreement on the use of the Videquus System, which includes surveillance services via the Internet and camera, as well as associated products (“Products”). The Customer can at any time order additional services that are offered by Videquus AB. The services and accessories are ordered by phone or via the internet. Videquus may, before or after this agreement is signed, make a credit review and refuse to sign or withdraw from the agreement.


These general terms and conditions together with the subscription agreement are the parties’ agreement and together form the “Agreement”. The customer can sign an Agreement with Videquus at retailers, by telephone, via Videquus’ website and app, at home visits or various events.


The customer may borrow the Products provided by Videquus for the purpose of using the Videquus System. The Customer is responsible for the installation of the Products and for these being returned upon termination of the Agreement. The Products must be returned to Videquus in order to terminate the Agreement. This is required both in case of a termination of an Agreement and in the case of a termination due to non-renewal of subscription. When Products are returned to Videquus, the Agreement is considered as ended.


The products constitute Videquus’ property. The Customer may not transfer or hand over the Products to a third party. The Customer is responsible for the Products being handled carefully and well cared for in accordance with Videquus instructions. Interventions or other manipulation, either technical or other, must not take place. Software included in Videquus System is Videquus property or licensed by Videquus from third parties. The Customer is only entitled to use the software during the contract period and only for the purpose stated in the Agreement. The Software may only be used by the Customer for the use of the Videquus System in accordance with this Agreement. The Customer has no right to in any form sublease the software to third parties. Furthermore, the Customer does not have the right to change, develop or decompile the software.


Products that do not work due to manufacturing defects or transport damage upon delivery to the Customer are repaired or replaced by Videquus free of charge. It is the Customer’s responsibility to inspect the product upon delivery. Any complaints must be made immediately to Videquus’ customer service. Complaints must be made immediately to Videquus’ customer service. If a faulty Product is to be replaced, the Customer will receive a replacement product from Videquus. If loss or damage to the Product is due to the Customer’s incorrect handling of the Product, negligence, or to incorrect installation, lack of maintenance, or handling of the Products in violation of these terms; the Customer shall pay for the repair or replace lost Products. The Customer is also responsible for damage to the Products caused by external influences, unauthorized use, damage, fire or water damage, thunder, incorrect voltage, or the like. In the event of theft of a camera, a police report is required from the customer in order not to be liable for compensation to Videquus.


The subscription fee is paid in advance for the selected period (monthly, semi-annually, or annually). The fee gives the Customer the right to use the service during the coming contract period. The invoiced fee is not credited/refunded with the exception of what is stipulated below. Payment can be made by card, or in special cases by invoice. When paying invoices, the Customer may pay an invoicing fee. The invoice due date always occurs 30 days after the invoice date. In the event of late payment, default interest is paid in accordance with the applicable interest law, as well as a fee for the written payment reminder. The pricing is in accordance with the applicable price list. Any debt collection costs will also be paid by the Customer. If payment has not been received within ten (10) days of the new subscription period (month, half-year and year, respectively), Videquus may deactivate the service. The service can be activated again when Videquus has received full payment for the amounts due. If the Customer paid too much to Videquus, the difference is corrected by deduction of the upcoming monthly fee. The current price list is available on Videquus’ website. If there is no termination of the subscription, there is an automatic extension of the agreement to the same payment period that has just been terminated in accordance with the conditions in force at that time.


Videquus can change the offer, fees or other terms of the agreement by written notice to the Customer at least 30 days before the change comes into force. If the change is to the detriment of the Customer, the Customer may terminate the Agreement until the end of the next month without incurring any cost or fee and without having to pay the final fee. Changes to fees may occur if Videquus’ costs increase. It could be due to increased costs for data traffic, new or changed taxes or general fees, government decisions, changes in law, or other statutes. Changes to other terms in the Agreement may be made if the change in an objective assessment cannot be considered to be to the detriment of the Customer.


If the Customer moves, the Customer must immediately notify the change of address to Videquus, via email to info@videquus.se. Videquus will start using the new billing and customer information address within 14 days of receiving the notification. If payment arrives late due to incorrect address information, the Customer is responsible for late payment. The Customer must also pay fees for reminders and administration.


Since, according to the Customer’s information, the surveillance cameras will not be set up at a place where the public has access, the Personal Data Act (PUL) is not applicable to the Customer’s processing of the image feed and Videquus’ subsequent processing (image analysis) of the image feed. If the Customer sets up the surveillance cameras in a place where the public has access and this results in the image feed including images of identifiable persons, the Customer is responsible for the processing of such personal data and that it takes place in accordance with the law. This means that the Customer is responsible for so-called personal data and is obliged to sign a personal data assistant agreement with Videquus. The Customer must then notify Videquus. Videquus sends a personal data assistant agreement, which the Customer is obliged to sign if there is personal data. The Customer is obliged to obtain consent from persons who may be staying within the surveillance camera’s image capture and inform that camera surveillance takes place at a specific location.


Information that the Customer provides in accordance with the Agreement or otherwise provides to Videquus regarding the Customer is processed by Videquus in order to fulfill the services for which an agreement has been signed and to deliver the goods that the Customer orders. If the Customer orders goods or services through Videquus, information will be passed on to third parties who offer the goods or services. By signing the Agreement, the Customer agrees to the above-mentioned processing of the Customer’s personal data. The customer can withdraw consent to receive marketing at any time by written message to Videquus. The Customer can by written and signed request to Videquus obtain information about the personal data about him as Videquus treats. The Customer also has the right to request that any incorrect information be corrected. The Customer can also request that personal data be corrected, blocked, or deleted. The information is saved as long as there is an ongoing customer relationship and one year thereafter. If the Customer is dissatisfied with the processing, a complaint can be submitted to a supervisory authority, which in Sweden is Datainspektionen (www.datainspektionen.se). Contact us at info@videquus.se if you have any questions regarding our personal data processing. The person responsible for personal data is Videquus AB with the address and organization number shown below.


Information that the Customer provides in accordance with the Agreement, or otherwise provides to Videquus, concerning the horse and its movement patterns is collected by Videquus. The collected information about the horse’s movements may be collected in a database to which Videquus has all rights. The purpose is also that anonymous data regarding the horse’s movements collected by Videquus System, in addition to monitoring the Customer’s horse/horses, can be used for research and development of Videquus and the people or companies that Videquus chooses to collaborate with. By signing the Agreement, the Customer approves the data processing concerning the horse’s movements, which has been collected and compiled in Videquus’ database, and that such information constitutes Videquus’ property that Videquus is free to use.


Until further notice, the agreement runs monthly with a 2-month notice period. The subscription will run according to the same payment period as before unless the Customer notifies Videquus that he does not intend to continue his subscription. Termination of Customer can be done by e-mail or by telephone. If the product has not been returned to Videquus within 30 days of the Termination of the Agreement or termination, the Agreement is not considered terminated.


When the customer cancels their subscription, the 2-month notice period begins. In the meantime, the equipment can be used as usual until you wish to disassemble and return the equipment. It is not until the equipment is available to Videquus that the subscription is fully canceled and payment is terminated.
The shipping cost is handled by the Customer, and the Customer is free to choose any shipping company.

Return address is:

Att: Videquus AB
Nordamark AB
Industrigatan 5
541 57 Skövde, Sweden

For notification:

Phone: +46 736966145
Mail: info@nordamark.se


In the event of a material breach of contract by the Customer, Videquus may terminate the Agreement with immediate effect. Videquus has the right to terminate the Agreement with the Customer with immediate effect if the Customer has been in delay with the payment on more than 3 occasions. If the subscription is terminated or terminated, it is the Customer’s responsibility to return the Products to Videquus. Billing for subscription fee takes place until the Products come into Videquus’ possession. If payment is received later than 10 days from the due date, Videquus has the right to deactivate the subscription until payment is received.


A party is not liable for damages or act according to the Agreement on the damage or failure depends on government action or omission, new legislation, labor conflict, war, riots, sabotage, atmospheric conditions, extreme weather conditions, fire, explosion, natural disaster, accident or other circumstances beyond the control of the party which the party could not reasonably have overcome.


Unless otherwise agreed, Videquus does not allow the Customer to transfer its subscription or Products to another, as the Agreement only covers the Customer.


The parties shall primarily try to resolve disputes in connection with the Agreement by agreement and negotiation. If the Parties cannot agree, the dispute shall be heard in a general court. The customer can also refer the dispute to The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) to the extent that the board is competent. Videquus undertakes to follow the decision made by The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN).


If the Customer, for whatever reason, is not satisfied with the subscription of Videquus System, the Customer may within the first 30 days of the contract period return the Products and request a refund of the cost of the subscription provided that the Products have been received from Videquus AB. This is done by sending a message to Videquus’ contact form or by email.

When Videquus has received the Products back, the subscription is terminated and the subscription fee paid is reimbursed to the Customer. The products must have been returned in good condition to Videquus within 10 days of notification of the wish to terminate the subscription. Returned Products are inspected and assessed by Videquus. If the Products are returned later than within 10 days, without packaging, or if the Products are damaged in any way, Videquus has the right to request compensation for the Products. This includes debit repair costs or subscription fees for the time the Customer has held the Products beyond the 10 days. The normal processing time for a refund of cost for the Customer’s subscription is within 30 days. The Customer pays for shipping in connection with the return of the Products. The Customer is responsible for damage and lost goods during postage. Costs for shipping and handling are not reimbursed.

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