In the Internet of Things era, we see fantastic services being developed, many with equestrian relevance. Ranging from automatic feeding machines to sensors that measure heart rate and temperature. We want as many smart services as possible to become part of our everyday lives. By removing costly and complicated obstacles, more intelligent services become a reality. It feels both right and important.


We are pleased to present our collaboration with PreVet. The PreVet app collects and updates all information about your horse, all in one place. Being able to keep track of your horse when you are not there is equally important as to it is to keep track of everything else: vaccinations, sparing, deworming etc. PreVet helps keeping keep track of this.


Sveland Pet Insurances share our quest to ensure that animals and animal owners can feel safe and avoid unnecessary worries. They have a great selection of insurances for horses, guaranteeing you will find one that suits your needs. If something happens and your horse needs care, you always get quick and competent help from Sveland Pet Insurances. Safe and smooth.

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