It makes us proud and happy when we get a positive response from our customers. Here you can read what some of them have to say about Videquus!

To me, Videquus is the cheapest and best insurance one can have for their horse.

Nina Hofmann Küppers
Professional rider and trainer, Wisbohammar Dressage

Monitoring our horse is much easier with Videquus. Sometimes, you notice that a horse doesn’t feel just like usual when riding. In those cases, Videquus is very helpful in understanding what may have happened, and you can adapt the training to the day’s form.

Ida Winstedt
Young horse trainer and C-trainer in jumping, Herreds Gård

It is a security for me to keep track of the horses even when I am not there. I have reduced my stable visits in the evening drastically and it gives both me and the horses peace and quiet!

Emelie Brolin
Dressage rider and trainer, Brolötens Gård

Videquus helps us gain knowledge about each horse’s behavior and routines. It is also calming to be able to see the horses at any time of the day. The morning greeting helps us to gain knowledge about how the night has been and if anything deviating has taken place. If the horse, for example, has had a difficult night you can adapt the day’s training accordingly.

Fredrik Rydstedt
Competition rider and trainer, Rydström-Engelberg Equestrian

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