How do I know if my connection is sufficient for the Videquus camera?

1. If you connect to your wifi on your phone in the place where you plan to install the camera, you should be able to stream a movie from YouTube without too much trouble. If it lags but you can still watch the movie, it may still work, but possibly with minor connection problems. If it doesn’t work at all, your signal is too weak for our camera to work.

2. A Videquus camera “uses” on average 5 GB/month, but to be on theSEKside we recommend that you have 7-10 GB available per month to avoid connection problems.

A wireless connection is essential for the Videquus camera to work properly in your stable. If you don’t already have a good connection, here are three ways to bring wifi to your stable.

Mobile Router with SIM card: A mobile router with a built-in SIM card is a simple solution to provide your stable with wifi. Just plug in a mobile broadband SIM card and connect your WiFi camera to the router to get a reliable wireless connection. You can either rent a router with a SIM card from Videquus for 195 SEK or get your own solution. If you have free surfing on your mobile plan, it’s worth checking if your operator offers a so-called. “twin cards” – this is usually the cheapest option.

Wifi antennas/extenders: If you have wifi in a residential house near your stable, you can use wifi antennas or outdoor extenders to extend the wifi signal from your residential house to your stable. You place these outdoors facing each other and connect with network cable into the building to a router. Contact a dealer of routers etc. for guidance.

Router with access points: Another solution is to use a Wi-Fi extender with multiple access points. You can place an access point in your stable and connect your camera to it for a strong and stable wireless connection. This solution is suitable if you have a large farm or if you want to provide several stables with wifi. Contact a dealer of routers etc. for guidance.

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