Congratulations! The alarm function in Videquus is improved.

Av Ylva Larsson under news

During the year, we launched a foaling alarm that, with completely unique algorithms, detects behavior that indicates that foaling will soon take place. We achieved a fantastic result of 94.4% alarmed horse owners before the foal was born.

The alarm responds to a stressful and anxious behavior that most likely also includes abdominal pain. We have now used the same logic to upgrade the alarm in HorseGuard . This means that the alarm has significantly better conditions for alerting to behavior that may, for example, indicate colic.

How your Videquus camera is affected:

  • The update is done completely automatically.
  • There is no visible change as it is the logic that generates the alarm that is upgraded.
  • You can get alarms at other times than before, read below about important things to keep in mind.

Important to keep in mind for the alarm to work as well as possible:

  • Make sure that the camera is mounted in a way that allows it to film the entire box, but as little as possible of the environment around. A good example is shown below.
  • Make sure that the IR light illuminates the entire box at night and that the horse is visible in all corners.
  • Compare the events in the app that indicate that the horse goes in and out of the box and when it lies down with how it has been in reality. This is easy to do by watching the 24 hour recap. If this is not the case, the mounting of the camera should be reviewed.


The upgrade will take place on Friday the 12th of November 2021. If you have questions about the alarm or the installation of the camera, you are, as always, more than welcome to contact us!


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