Avoid worry and vigil nights in the stable – Videquus’ FoalGuard lets you know when it’s time. Comfort and security for you and your horse.

A reliable service

Simple, safe and smart!

Easy to use. With the help of intelligent technology, the smart camera recognizes your horse’s unique behavior and sees when it changes before it’s time to foal. You are notified in good time and can head for the stable. A security for you, your horse and the foal.

Vad ingår i Fölvakten?

  • Få larm i din telefon 15 min – 5 tim innan fölning
  • Se live från boxen när som helst och snabbspola genom dygnet i repris
  • Insikter och statistik om stoets liggmönster, vila och rörelse
  • Videquusenhet (kamera, enkortsdator, IR-ljus), elkablar och transformator

You control the cost

You are in control over your monthly cost. The FoalGuard costs SEK 395 per month, and we recommend that you use it for two weeks before expected foaling. The smart camera then has the time to get to know your mare’s behavior, and you get the most security and services out of the FoalGuard. After foaling, you can easily change the subscription according to your needs.


Flexible and secure

With Videquus you get one camera, but with three different available subscriptions. You can upgrade or downgrade subscriptions at any time. Use the FoalGuard for your pregnant mare, choose the smart HorseGuard that suits all horses or go with the more basic service StableGuard. You can pause your subscription for up to three months per year. We show three different examples, and you decide for yourself how subscriptions are allocated over the year.

Welcome to the world!

We are completely in love with the little foals that came into the world earlier this year. Here are some wonderful pictures we have received from our customers.

Thank you for choosing the FoalGuard and for allowing us to be involved and make the foaling safer.

Welcome Haut et Bas

When was the foal born?

He arrived 2021-05-27 at 02:15

When did Videquus alert?

The alarm came an hour before so it was absolutely perfect.

What is the name of the mare?

Her name is Sin Cera.

“It went well, even though I had to work a lot to get him out when he was sort of upside down. The alarm went off an hour before, so it was working perfectly. Given the dystocia, he will probably be called Haut et Bas. Everything will be more elegant in French 😄 “

Welcome Contessa del’Armonia

When was the foal born?

He arrived 2021-05-13 at 05:30

When did Videquus alert?

The alarm went off 3.15 hours before, 2021-05-13 02:15

What is the name of the mare?

Her name is Harmony.

“We are very happy with the FoalGuard. We slept all nights without any worry, up until the night of foaling. Two years ago, when we were watching on our own. We were so tired after a long night’s watch that we missed the foal and the foal did not make it. ”

Karin Östman

We want to see more cute foals!

Feel free to send foals to us and share your experience. You are also welcome to tag us on social media.

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