Bjertorp’s harness racing facilities in Västergötland

Harness racing coach, Sofia Aronsson, who trains star filly Anna Mix, stables her horses at Bjertorp’s harness racing facility in Västergötland. A job that involves, amongst other things, ensuring that the horses are comfortable and happy in the stable. A great deal of Sofia’s time is also spent talking to the stable staff and informing owners about the horses’ condition and their current status.

Sofia is now able to get help to do her job by using Videquus and the intelligent camera installed in the stable. With her phone as her only tool, Sofia can now monitor the stable and feel safe even when she is not there.
“With Videquus, I feel safer about leaving my star in the stables because Videquus knows when something is happening and reports the incident immediately. The training of the horses

can be adapted to how the horse feels because it is easy to see what the horses are doing when we are not in the stable,” says Sofia Aronsson.

With Videquus, Sofia also sees the potential of improving communication with stable staff and horse owners, making it more efficient and clearer.

“By sharing clips of incidents with stable staff, we can easily discuss what happened and take swift action before it’s too late. That way, we not only avoid unnecessary worries, but we also avoid expensive veterinary costs.”

 “The owners will be very pleased to be able to view their horses in the stable and show them to the people around them.”

Curious? You can watch video from a camera and order Videquus here.