At last, round-the-clock monitoring of your horse.

We know how important your horse’s health is to you. If you and your horse are both feeling good, you can perform at your very best. If your horse is injured or sick, it may entail unnecessary suffering, costs and disappointment. Videquus enables you to easily achieve complete control, get to know your horse and avoid unnecessary expenses.

What happens in the stall when you are not there?

Videquus uses an intelligent camera with special technology that detects motion patterns that deviate from the norm. As soon as anything out of the ordinary is detected in the stall, an alert is sent to your phone.
You can instantly see what triggered the alert in the Videquus app and are able to take action before it is too late.

A brief report every morning

Each night, Videquus collects data on how your horse is behaving and presents a summary of the night’s events in a format that is easy to understand. Has your horse moved more or less frequently than usual? Has anything out of the ordinary occurred? Does it indicate that something is not quite right? The information will not only help you to take urgent action. It will also provide new knowledge about your horse that can help you develop together.


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Gårdala and Västergård in Flyinge

Olof Axelsson and Josefine Ekdahl run OJ Sporthorses together, which has room for about 35 horses at Gårdala Farm and Västergård in Flyinge. Recently, Olof and Josefine decided to try Videquus and installed an intelligent camera in the warmblood gelding Valentine's box.

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Three reasons to use Videquus

Detects sickness and injuries

Most horses are left unmonitored for up to ten hours per night. Hours during which your horse could become cast, suffer from colic or move in a way that could result in injury. With Videquus, you are able to detect problems and take action that can both alleviate suffering and help you avoid expensive veterinary costs.

Get to know your horse

More knowledge provides you with a better understanding of your horse’s behaviour. By knowing more about how your horse has spent the night, you can customize and optimize the day’s training. As you get to know your horse’s behaviour, you can discover specific needs that can easily be met. Minor or major interventions that help your horse achieve optimum health.

Check your horse any time

With Videquus, your horse is just a click away. Wherever you are, you can quickly and easily check how your horse is doing in the stables. With the help of saved film clips, you can easily get a good overview of the last few days in just a couple of minutes, or if necessary, send films to your veterinarian, for example. Safe, secure and easy.

Curious? You can watch video from a camera and order Videquus here.